Science and Technology

The CTA curricular area seeks to promote the dialogue between Faith and Science, making it evident that they are not opposed but complementary. The area reflects on ideas such as the origin of the universe, the evolution of life and man in light of the tradition and doctrine of the Church.

The CTA curriculum is made up of three components: Living World, Physical World and Integral Health; In each of them, technology, the environment and society are found transversally. In the Living World component, issues related to the classification and organization of living beings, their interactions and the internal processes that regulate them and the changes that present them are addressed. In the Physical World component, topics such as movement, force, energy and structure of matter and its interactions are discussed, as well as the structure of the Earth and its processes. The component of Integral Health addresses the respect and knowledge of the body, as well as the habits for its care. In each of these components will be present the formation in the Christian Marianist faith developing reflective and critical educational processes based on the method and scientific thought.

The competences developed in the course are:

  • Investigate through scientific methods to build knowledge.
  • Explains the physical world based on knowledge about living beings, matter and energy, biodiversity, earth and universe.
  • Design and build technological solutions to solve problems in your environment.