In the Santa María School, the knowledge and practice of the English language by our students serve to establish a network of communications and exchanges, generate new spaces for intercultural dialogue, respecting and valuing one's identity and fundamentally a means for Formation in the Faith in understanding that we are part of the mystical body of Christ, that we belong to the great family of the Church and that we can establish bonds of solidarity, justice and peace.

It also requires that they can interact in a global society that communicates in English, so it is essential that they express themselves orally and in writing in that language and that they make use of it in the circumstances that merit it, so that they can have greater live participation in spreading the good news.

In this sense, this area aims to achieve communicative competence in the English language to face the challenges of the new times; This will allow the student to acquire the information of the most recent scientific and technological advances, whether digital or printed in English, as well as allowing them access to new information and communication technologies to expand their cultural horizon.

The competences developed in the course are:

  • He communicates orally in English as a foreign language.
  • Read various types of texts in English as a foreign language.
  • Write various types of texts in English as a foreign language.