The Communication area is the central axis in the development of learning, due to the instrumental and transversal nature of the capacities and components that comprise it, considering that language is the vehicle to understand, interpret and organize information coming from reality. It also deepens the development of these capacities in permanent reflection on the elements of communication that favor a better interaction, the same that extends to the academic and scientific field.

The purpose of this area is to strengthen the communication skills developed during the period of life, thus enabling their interrelation with others in different areas: the family, the school, the institutions and the community.

Effectively communicate a reality to different people, in different situations and with different purposes, in their mother tongue, artistic languages ​​and audiovisual media, demonstrating willingness and ability to interpret, understand and produce oral, written, literary and non-literary messages, with propriety and adequacy, establishing value judgments within a Christian, ethical and moral commitment, demonstrating respect, openness, freedom, creativity and assertiveness, to contribute to the harmony and construction of the civilization of love.

The competences developed in the course are:

  • He communicates orally in his mother tongue.
  • Read various texts written in the mother tongue.
  • Write several types of texts in the mother tongue.