Art and Culture

The area of ​​artistic education provides the knowledge to reflect the transcendent dimension of human life, of the universe and of history. Only the work of art can express the feelings, emotions, experiences of the human being through interpretation, creation and visualization.

Art directly influences motor development, sharpens visual and auditory capacity, promotes the practice of social skills and stimulates creativity. The four components of art are: Theater, Plastic Arts, Music and Dance. The student develops artistic abilities: Appreciation and Artistic Expression, as well as the values ​​of honesty, responsibility, respect and solidarity.

Our goal is to educate so that the student is able to configure the development of their talents, express their ideas, feelings feelings for their emotional and social benefit, motivating creativity and indicate the Christian experience as the irruption of God in history through their action liberating and as a welcome of the person, by faith, to the revelation of God.

The skills developed in the course are:

  • Critically appreciates artistic - cultural manifestations.
  • Create projects from artistic languages.